The PiNG14 conference was held from September 29 to October 3 2014. 

The next PiNG conference (Polarization in Noble Gases)
will be held near Salt Lake City (USA),
October 8 - 13, 2017





The workshop has been devoted to presenting and discussing recent advances and pending issues in the polarisation, management, and applications of hyperpolarised gases (He, Xe, Kr, pure or combined with alkali vapours). Established as well as prospective fields of applications in fundamental and applied physics, biomedicine, instrumentation using the hyperpolarised gases have been addressed. The workshop has brought together experts and students from Europe, the Americas and Asia.


Topics have included:

  • Basics of optical pumping, MEOP and SEOP
  • Polarisation hardware, lasers and new techniques
  • Fundamentals of imaging
  • Hyperpolarised 3He Neutron Spin Filters
  • Clinical applications
  • Drug development
  • Diffusion NMR in porous media
  • Fundamental Physics tests
  • 129Xe NMR in Surface science
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